Friday, August 29, 2014


Some may find it hard to sew while looking at a pile of dirty laundry or baskets of clean clothing waiting to be taken to bedrooms.  I don't seem to have that problem.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Garden Journal

So the downside is that the garden this year is really pretty pathetic.  I wish I had a good idea of what to blame it on but I think it's just a combination of many things--not enough water, not enough sunlight, not enough nutrients in the soil--there I think that about covers it.

The upside is that while we didn't grow ANY zucchini ourselves, we've never not had zucchini on the counter to add to any dinner menu.  We've also enjoyed lots of fresh apricots and peaches from others' trees as well as tomatoes and cucumbers.

But the harvest isn't over yet.  We still have beets and carrots to collect as well as that one little banana squash.  I think we'll give it a bit more time to grow--shall we?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Yarn Along

On our road trip to Idaho we started listening to Carl Hiaasen's Hoot after finishing Danny, The Champion Of The World.  It's a little more advanced that a lot of what we read or listen to.  It's also a little slower.  It took a little while for the kids to get into it but we're at the exciting part now and they are all on pins and needles.  We only listen to it, however, when our car ride is longer than fifteen minutes and that happens pretty much just once a week, on the drive to Oma's house for Sunday dinner.  So, we'll have to wait another few days to finish it up.  We're enjoying it though.  The kids especially like the character "Beatrice the Bear."  I think we've got a new nickname for our little Bit Bit.

And my knitting is rather boring these days.  I'm working on some dish rags.  All of a sudden we're down to three dish rags!  Whaaat!  How can that be!  They all up and went missing at the same time.  I suspect a smelly dish rag intervention.  Whatever the case, or cause may be, we need more than three dish rags.  So I think I must settle me down with a good movie and get working.

Joining Ginny in her Yarn Along.

Friday, August 22, 2014


The first day I went shopping.  The second day I painted my bedroom.  The third day I knit.  I hope they're enjoying the start of school as much as I am.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Post Cards from Idaho

On our way home from Idaho we took the opportunity to visit a few more historic and natural sites that the state has to offer.  Well, I think "historic" is stretching it a bit when it comes to Meridian High School.  When we told Oliver a few weeks ago that we were planning a visit to his cousin's house in Meridian, ID he got unusually excited.  "Can we go see Meridian High?" he quickly asked.  "Sure," I responded, somewhat confused.  Apparently, for those of you who aren't a part of the "Michael Vey" fan club, Meridian High in Idaho is where Michael Vey went to school.  So as far as Oliver was concerned, our little Idaho trip was really a Michael Vey tour.  Although the school was closed, Oliver ran around the outside of the campus soaking up all the Michael Vey energy he possibly could.

We also stopped at the old Idaho State Penitentiary which was really interesting and a little bit creepy, particularly when Georgia insisted on entering one of the solitary confinement cells.  My favorite thing was eating lunch in Boise's beautiful Botanical Gardens, despite the fact that Georgia walked right into one of the deep ponds resulting in quite a swim.  Nate hesitated just a minute as he decided whether to go in after her or just fish her out by her foot that was within reach.

There was no hesitation, however, when Nate found a pathway leading to some natural springs at "Thousand Springs" state park.  He led us all into the water for a refreshing swim.  He does love his rivers.

And we were equally excited and terrified to view the Malad Gorge from top down.  When close to the gorge I didn't dare let go of my baby's hand in order to take a picture of the massive crevice in the earth.  I decided then that I never want to take my kids to the Grand Canyon.  All around I was very pleased with what Idaho has to offer.  No, you don't have to go far to find beauty and history and adventure.  Maybe next year while friends and neighbors are off to Hawaii, we'll give Wyoming a try.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Post Cards from Idaho

We spent a beautiful evening with cousins playing in the Boise river.  It was neat to see how a shallow river can entertain so many different ages (from two to forty something).  There's digging in the sand, throwing rocks in the water, tubing, catching small fish, reading, visiting, swimming and relaxing.  A river is a good thing and a river with cousins--even better.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Post Cards From Idaho: City of Rocks

Throughout the summer as people would share with me their vacation plans--plans to Europe, Disney Land, New York, Alaska etc.  I'd think to myself, "Well be lucky if we make it to Idaho."  Time, money and two two year olds factor greatly into our lack of vacations, or at least the scale of our vacations lately.  However, I learned once again this past week that you don't have to finance an exotic trip, or even go very far to experience beautiful sights and wonderful new places.

So, we went to Idaho.  We had some family we wanted to visit up there and were so pleased to find some really incredible examples of nature between Ogden and Boise.  Just about halfway we stopped to camp at this amazing place called City of Rocks.  As we drove into the "city" we felt like we were transported into a Lord of the Rings movie.  Huge mountain like boulders came jutting up out of otherwise fairly flat ground.  It's a hub for rock climbers and it's obvious why.  There are so many places to climb both for serious climbers and for the amateur rock scrambler.  Oliver was on could nine.  Our camping spot had the most breathtaking view--it was truly magical.  There were little nooks and crannies where the big kids liked to sit and draw.  There were tall sloping rocks where the kids could feel like they were on top of the world.  And there were flat rocks to sit and marvel at the beauty of the world.  We were indeed lucky to make it to Idaho.  I can't wait to go back.