Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Party Dresses

When I hear the words "Party Dress" I imagine something frilly, fancy, expensive, possibly "Dry Clean Only."  Now I figured that just won't do for two two year olds when there is a guaranteed chance of at least birthday cake being smeared all over it and possibly any number of other tasty birthday treats. 
It wasn't hard for me to decided to make a set of party dresses for my sweet girls--a sewing mama's kind of gift.  I bought these two fabrics--bunny print and chicken print a couple months ago with the Cintronille Suzanne pattern in mind.  And with their birthdays in the spring, it just seemed fitting to make them now.  I never tire of chickens and bunnies around Easter time. 
They twins were elated.  I think I've mentioned before their current love for and fascination with all sorts of animals (I'm sure this is true with all toddlers).  They always go for the animal books that we have and are quick to point out each and every animal they cross paths with.  They immediately took to their dresses, so eager to put them on.  As I was trying to get a long sleeved shirt on Beatrice for layering (it was a chilly day) she grabbed the shirt and threw it yelling "No!  Bunny Dress!"  She repeated this process a couple more times before I finally convinced her that she would still get to wear her bunny dress with the long sleeved shirt underneath.  Yes, they are two--and I think they know it. 
The delicious Tres Leches cake was purchased at a local Mexican bakery.  Oh it was so good.  And as I predicted, ended up all over the party dresses.
Happy Birthday babies--(sigh, not any more).

Monday, April 14, 2014

On Their Special Day

I had hopes of doing something extra special for the twins second birthday--Two years old!! I can't believe we've all survived this long.  I'm a little nervous when I think of what this next year has in store for us, but so far we've enjoyed the ride.  So my ideal day that I imagined for these two involved a train ride to Salt Lake on the Frontrunner and then spending some time at the children's museum at the Gateway followed my some yummy dinner and a ride back.  But life has a way of changing your ideal plans and two soccer games on a Saturday morning have a way of testing your flexibility.  In the end we hung around close to home doing some of our favorite things around town. 
We had a late lunch in the outdoor area of our favorite pizza place, Slackwater CafĂ©.  Then we strolled along the river parkway to a fun park and played up a storm.  Another short walk took us to Ogden's famous Farr's Ice Cream where the babies had their first bite of ice cream one year ago--I think I see a tradition in the making. 
Our celebration ended at home where Georgia and Beatrice opened gifts--a book for each of them, a platform scooter that Nate made, and a new set of dollhouse dolls.  I noticed recently that they had both been playing with the dollhouse quite a bit and had been particularly drawn to two cloth dolls that I found at Savers.  That pushed me over the edge and I splurged on the beautiful dolls from Nova that I had been eyeing for months.  They are quite the hit. 
Ultimately it was a day of fun, playing and a whole lot of extra attention for my two two year olds.  What could be more ideal than that for my sweet babes. 



Friday, April 11, 2014


"You will see men smile over blood
And you will know there is hate.
You may see bombs and butcheries
And you will know there is horror.

Against all this what can I do?
Only vow that before you leave my arms
You will know past ever doubting
That there is love, too."

Carol Lynn Pearson

If something in your week left an impression on you, feel free to share it here. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

New Skills

Last year when we needed a new patio table Nate picked this one out of the options I found for him to make.  Of course it was the only option that required knowing how to weld--and a welder.  I couldn't justify spending that much on a patio table when we added in the cost of the welder (not to mention some potential hospital bills).  So I did my own thing and we got our yellow table

So this year, after the yellow table warped over the winter, Nate brought up a welder purchase again.  To me it seemed like the most expensive, most difficult option for making a patio table.  But I figured if he was excited about it, then it would actually get done--there's something to be said for excitement about a project.  So we looked in the classifieds and found a welder for just one hundred dollars.  Gloves and helmets were also purchased and should be figured into the cost of the project, but as I well know, when you're creating, and learning new skills, the materials you need can be put into an entirely different budget category.  (I consider my yarn and fabric purchases as both clothing and entertainment funds).

After the weather finally cleared up Nate spent some time outside with his new toy and in a very short amount of time--I got a patio table!  I love the custom oversized table that will fit not only our semi large family for daily outside dinners, but also larger friends and family get-togethers.  He's working on a bench to go with the table now and I have some staining, painting and sealing to do with these beautiful redwood boards.  We're far from done, but we've got a good start.  And now that we have a welder.......well, the possibilities are endless.  I'm not sure Nate knew what he was getting into.         

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Yarn Along


My Eoghan's Knot vest is coming along nicely.  It's easier this time around than it was the first time I attempted it.  I'm so much more comfortable with cables now than I was a year ago.  There are some parts of the pattern that I wish were more clear.  And I know I've already made some mistakes but I don't think they're too noticeable and I think I'm ok with having an imperfect garment for a two year old.  For the most part though I'm really excited about how quickly it's coming along since I still have another to knit once this one is finished (one of the joys of having twins is getting/having to knit everything twice). 

Now this wasn't intentional but I think it's funny that the yarn I'm using for my project is called "Dream" which is the Taproot issue that I picked up recently.  I hadn't read this one yet, though it's from last year.  There's a lot in there about bees and beekeeping which is something I see myself doing in an alternate lifetime.  Maybe one day in this lifetime?  It's just not realistic for me/us right now--but it's nice to dream about.  I do feel so lucky to get in on some local honey from nearby Huntsville.  I was generously gifted a half gallon just last week from a sweet friend.  Even if I can't enjoy the farm life myself it's fun to watch it from a short distance and be involved in the conversations and sample some of the locally grown organic treats.  I was quite overwhelmed, however, as I read this issue at how unsustainable our little family unit is.  We do little more than grow enough tomatoes for a BLT every summer.  I'd like to find some other small ways in which we can become more self reliant around these parts.  It was a very inspiring issue of Taproot. 

Joining Ginny in her Yarn Along. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

productivly procrastinating!

It felt like an extremely unproductive day.  The floor was a mess even though I kept picking things up all morning.  I was still in my pajamas at 11:30 (though that's not really so uncommon).  The sink was piled high with dishes and I was having one of those, "but I just did dished YESTERDAY" kind of moments.  I couldn't seem to entirely check one thing off of my long to do list.

So, I went for the most completely unimportant, definitely unurgent thing I could think of.  I sewed some more crib sheets.  It is such a quick and satisfying sew.  And the babies were still in need of some sheets.  For some reason we never bought them new sheets when they were born and the old ones from Louisa and possibly Byrdie and Oliver were getting pretty gross.  I sewed two more sets for a total of four sheets using Dana's tutorial.  It's seriously so easy and I felt good about making them myself because I was able to find some inexpensive fabric (a total of eight yards--that's a lot of fabric)! 

I also knew that these sheets would be used for still a couple of years at least as we plan to keep these two in toddler beds for as long as possible--you know space and all.  The toddler beds will use the same crib mattresses that we currently have.  After reading up a bit about non-toxic crib mattresses, we invested in some, not so chemically ridden ones and I'm glad for the chance to use them a bit longer.  I'm not sure when we'll make the move from cribs to toddler beds.  We're holding off as long as we can as I can't imagine trying to get two friends to stay in their beds on their own accord.  But from the looks of things, I don't think we have much longer.  They look about ready to fly the coop.

Friday, April 4, 2014


They picked every last one.  They were so proud.

If something in your week left an impression on you, feel free to share it here.